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I've taken Xenical and have had some good results...but I cannot get rid of several trouble spots. I like pasta, potatoes...all that terrible carb thing. I'm not impressed with an OTC "pill of the week" special....basically is there anything out there that has the same mechanism of Xenical for fats but works on carbs (prescription included)? I just need some extra help and I just dont trust the trimspas, relacores, etc you get at Walmart. Thanks at ton!
The over the counter form of Xenical will be released in the fall under the name of "Alli". It will be half the strength of the perscription form now be sold. The FDA still has to do final approval, but from what I've read, there should be no problem. What type of diet plan did you stay on while on the Xenical? I have read you have to stay pretty low fat or you get diarrhea. I hope it is released soon, I need the help! Ann