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Hello I just started Xenical 2 days ago, I have already prepared myself for oily stools,being the BIG side effect. But I have Yet to have one,so far so good. One thing I have noticed is that I am watching everything I eat so I don't get the oily bowels..So mentaly it is working. Has anyone else taken this, recently? If so what was/is your experince?
Thats great you've had no side effects. When i was on Xenical even if I ate a lean cuisine I'd have that *certain problem* (LOL, oily poo) Do yourself a favor and if you EVER think you have gas while taking Xenical, dont let it out. Go to the bathroom and sit down on the pot, otherwise you'd better have extra undies...lololol really its not funny but my Dr warned me beforehand and although it doesnt happen to everybody, my experience with Xenical was I couldve drank water only and taken a xenny and still had the *certain problem*. On the bright side I lost 10lbs with xenical and kept it off. :)
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i too started xenical almost 1 week ago and too had a couple of accidents hahahahahahaha. but like you i've been watching my fat in take and i have to say my bowel movements are getting better still have to make sure i'm in close proximity to a loo around 9.30-10.30 am though nonetheless my bodys discharge of fat is getting lesser by the day i've also started to take multivitamins and iron whilst on xenical and have to say that it has helped me(not sooo much diahoreah) xenical has also helped me with my irratable bowel as i'm not as bloated or gassy haven't had any bowel cramps either and thats a god send as they really hurt. anyway i haven't seen much weight loss as yet but my sister tells me that they take a good couple of weeks to kick in and it's also good to excercise to help with your metabolism aswell. i've joined my local gym and after going there i feel great. anyway all the best and good luck with you weight loss
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Hello thank you all so much for your post!! I've been on the Xenical for 3 weeks today. I've lost 5 pounds! It has really helped me eat much much better! My brain needed a little fooling to get the jump start i needed! Thanks agian,to everyone who posted.
I took Xenical for 2 months in 04 and lost 18 lbs but ran out of it and never purchased any more until just today. I am going to begin taking it tomorrow along with a 2000 calorie diet and I am hoping that Xenical will give me some more positive results again. Yeah the oily stools and gas with a prize are all a side effect of Xenical but its well worth it, to this date Xenical has been the only "diet pill" that has worked for me and some of my family members.