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In all the research I have been doing the past year I have come up with a few things that are very interesting. First I guess I should tell you that I have never really ever had to many allergies. Nothing to write about anyway. I have two kids that seem to have inherated allergies from both sides of the family. My hubby has always had allergy problems. He did his own allergy shots for 6 years, 4 a week. Anyway, my girl has a severe peanut allergy. Like the next time could kill her. We have the eppipens at home and school. She is also allergic to dogs, cats and rabbits. Son has asthma. Allergic to dogs too. His asthma is not too bad. Triggered by colds mostly. He also has problems mostly in the winter. October is the beginning to his doing breathing treatments every year. He had soccer practice today and it was cold here. He ran alot in about 40 minutes and I had to drive very fast to get him home to do a treatment. We got his breathing under control and he is fine now. Both kids take daily allergy meds. Anyway, I guess my point is that I have come up with some information that links peanut allergy, and asthma together. It also links those together with hives. One site talked about a new medicine that is being used in the treatment for severe asthma. It is a anti-IgE antibody agent. It is a injection that has to be given at the Doctor office. No pills yet but it sounds promising enough to get my attention. It works by blocking the bodies IgE factors that trigger allergy attacks and that should stop any reaction at all. The side affects are minor but it seems to be still in the research process.
So my question to all is.....anyone else have family with asthma, food allergies that are severe? And anyone heard of this drug..Xolair/ Omanlizumab? Maybe helpfull to stopping hives in the future!!