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Unfortunately, immunotherapy 1) doesn't work for everyone; 2) can take a very long time to work for some and 3) there are some of us who are so allergic that allergy shots are of very little benefit. I'm in the latter group.

As to dry sinuses, there's a fairly long thread going on on this board about sinus irrigation with salt water and hydrogen peroxide. Myself, I recommend that folks who are sinus irrigation "virgins" start with a simple saline spray (available at any drug store) or follow the instructions on National Jewish Hospital's website for making one's own sinus rinse. I get terribly dry sinuses in the winter, and sinus irrigation is very helpful.

There's a new injectible drug called Xolair which has been approved for allergic asthma and targets the allergic process earlier and differently then any other existing treatment, including allergy shots. So far it is only approved for allergic asthma but it is in trials for other types of allergy, like peanut allergy. A lot of us who are stubbornly allergic are placing a lot of hope in it. I've been taking it for 3 months and have already seen some improvement in my allergic rhinitis and allergic eye symptoms.

I hope you feel better soon.

Quote from bigheadache:
I have been receiving allergy shots for 1 year and they dont help at all. I dont know how to cure this problem. I was also wondering if anyone else has EXTREMELY dry sinus's. The only thing I can do about this is use vaseline or menthol ointment every few hours. Does anyone else have this problem? Alos can other things cause allergy symptoms such as TMJ or thyroid problems? Please help me out with these questions if you can.