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Welcome to the club. My last skin test (I've had 7 in my lifetime) was almost three years ago...highly allergic to 55 different things. Nothing new for me.

Allergy shots help most people who take them. Generally one has to get to maintenance dose before symptoms begin to improve and it can take as long as a year or so for shots to take their full effect. How long it takes you to get to maintenance depends on the lab that makes serum for your doctor. I'm surprised he's not going to start you on shots for dust mites at the same time as trees/weeds. For me, personally, allergy shots have been the difference between having only 5-9 infections per year and having 12 plus infections per year and have kept me out of the hospital and off oxygen in combination with 5-8 daily medications depending on symptoms.

I started Xolair, a new anti-IgE drug approved for allergic asthmatics only so far, about 4 months ago. So far I don't even need a daily antihistamine anymore and I've been steroid and antibiotic free for six weeks. For those of us who've only had minimal response to traditional therapies, including immunotherapy, Xolair is our hope for the future.

Good luck with the allergy shots...I hope they are a big help to you.
Thanks for the response. I have allergic asthma, but Singulair has helped me more than anything! I felt a HUGE difference once I started it, both energy wise and also with the asthma. I'm also on Advair 2X a day, Nasonex, and Zyrtec as needed, though I've been needing it almost every day. I have mostly good days on those drugs, but still 2X a week or so feel like I have the flu, including a low grade fever. I've heard of Xolair and it sounds like a good drug. Luckily, my asthma is under control for now anyway. Since starting Singulair I haven't really need my Albuterol at all. :cool:

I'm not sure why he's not starting the dust shots right away since it's so high. I think he really wants me to build up an immunity to the trees and weeds, I'm doing those 2X a week to start since Spring is right around the corner. I can't imagine how miserable I'm going to be because none of this stuff is even in bloom yet.