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So, I think that my sinus passages are just to sensitive! I am still so dizzy, but I am pretty sure I know why now. My sinus passages are still so inflamed. I went back on a steroid and it has helped some, but as soon as I irrigated one time after I took the steroids it went back to hurting really bad again. So, at this point I have decided that I am not going to stick up anything in my nose again for a while. I am still so inflamed and I think that the saline and the NasacortAQ i have been using has been making me more irritated and inflamed.

So, does anyone have any ideas what I should do and how to get my sinus's better. I'm so tired of being dizzy and want it to go away.


Possibly allergy shots? I hear also accupuncture has anti inflammatory properties and good 4 allergies..heard good reviews on that.
I wonder if this kind of case could get in on the allergic rhinitis trials 4 Xolair..have you had your IgE levels tested? Your wbc? Maybe you are immunocompromised.
An interesting route to try is the Arabic medicine stuff. I'm arabic & I recently read an article in an arabic magazine about sinusitis..interesting stuff actually. It claims that people are all of water or drier types and warm or cold. It says that people with inflammatory problems are "cold, wet" people and would do best stickign to "warm dry foods" and not "cold wet foods" and in a "warm dry climate" as opposed..you get the idea.
It's somethin 2 think about..it's interesting i can't remember all of it or find the magazine but it was neat 2 read.
hoep you can find relief..