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I don't know where you live, but here in the southeast, grasses and trees are already pollenating, so a lot of allergic folk are having trouble.

I have been severely allergic since I was three. Allergy shots help most people. Most people do very well with them. For me, they have meant the difference in that they keep me out of the hospital. Other than that, they have done little for me, but certainly staying out of the hospital is a good outcome.

If your child is so terrified of needles and you really want to consider allergy shots, there are really good therapists who can help your daughter learn relaxation techniques and other skills to help her overcome her fear. Your doctor or school psychologist should be able to recommend someone. That said, I hated getting shots when I was a young child. Later, you just get resentful that you still have to get them.

I know that they are now in clinical trials testing Xolair on children. I've been on it since October. It kicked in right at the beginning of the year and I've had three pretty good months now. I hardly even get headaches any more. MUCH better than how I was just on the allergy shots. I'm hopeful xolair will continue to be the drug many of us are hoping for.

All the best of luck in making your decision about allergy shots for your little one.