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Sounds like a good idea. Have they tested your IgE levels to see if you qualify for Xolair? My sinus/ear problems are caused by allergies..gives me tons of sinus/ear/throat infections. My meds(Flonase, Clarinex & Sudafed) usually control it, but when the allergies get bad, nothing controls it, plus I have asthma which also won't listen 2 meds when my allergies act up. My body takes well 2 maintenance meds but the second an infection or allergy attack hits me...they all stop working. The ear/sinus problems cause my dizziness that i'll get when their acting up, it's like a spinning, so bad it makes me nauseous. I have tons on nonallergic triggers like certain perfumes, cigarette smoke, even exercise triggers my sinus and ear problems! Have you considered food allergies also? I hope they find your problem 2 cure it! =)