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If you have not tried allergy shots, you would be wise to do so. A lot of folks get a great deal of benefit from them.

That said, I am severely allergic and have only gotten slight benefit from years of allergy shots. Because I am allergic asthmatic, I qualified to take the new anti=IgE medication, Xolair. It is only approved for allergic asthma and most patients do not get approval for it unless they have already tried allergy shots and are more/less steroid dependent. Xolair is in clinical trials for other allergic responses and in another year or two should be more widely available.

Xolair is changing my life. Two weeks ago, I went to my college reunion on a pollen-filled campus and had no symptoms. I have been infection free for over 4 months, probably a record for me. I have dropped my steroid use considerably and no longer need half of my allergy medications just to stay out of the hospital.

Hope you are feeling better soon. I know what it's like.