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Quote from Blondee15:
I'm having some kind of allergy flare up or infection. My throat, ears & sinuses were swollen up this morning, I could barely swallow Sudafed pills(& those are tiny!). So i've taken your advice & been taking Sudafed(pseudoephedrine) since yesterday & it hasn't done much so far for the mucuos but is helping the inflammation in my ears, sinuses & throat. My doctor has told me it's safe for me 2 take it everday if I need it(& sometimes I do). I do have guaifenesin in the form of Robutussin AC(with codeine), but there's 2 problems right there w/ codeine, can't work or drive, and am slightly allergic to it(gives me bad stridor & wheezing, pretty scary!). I'm not doing regular Xopenex treatments, only now & then as needed but am still taking a lot of of my albuterol inhaler daily. So yesterday I talked 2 my mom about it, we are going to try to get into the allergist this month, she agreed that it sounds like I need a boost in my Advair(now THAT'S weird.. if she notices i'm not doing well, that says a lot).
Now that I look back on it, the past 4 years, I have gotten sick this month every time(and it's always been a respiratory infection). Could be the weather change(it's SOOOO unbelievably humid out!) or the allergy season(am allergic 2 grass & ragweed). Thanks for the help, you've been a huge help to me..!!
How have you been lately by the way?

Glad to hear the pseudoephedrine is helping at least somewhat. :) Give it another day or two, then consider getting some plain guaifenesin (OTC-Mucinex), and if that doesn't work see either your allergist or PCP (see one of them soon anyway). Ask your allergist about desensitization (allergy shots) or even Xolair, because it seems like despite your being on Clarinex (in addition to Sudafed at times) isn't helping your allergies a whole lot.

Do you still use the spacer with your albuterol? Reading back a few of your posts, I saw that you are/were very pro-spacer. (Whereas I will just pick up the inhaler and puff. No time for spacers.) My mom said that someone that works with her said using an inhaler with a spacer is the same as using a nebulizer. I'm not too sure about that..

And I'm sure you're aware that using your reliever meds more than twice a week is a symptom of uncontrolled asthma.

Have your peak flows remained about the same or have they gone up?

Having Advair 250 and/or 500 around would be a great idea in my opinion.

Same here with the extra congestion around this time, for the past two years with me. It's most likely allergy-related since it's unlikely that the same respiratory virus is floating around every year all over the US in May and June. Ugh, and I'm sure the humidity isn't helping!

I've been okay...this humidity is killing me though. I notice a HUGE difference in being outside and inside!

So glad to have been a help. :) Let us know how you're doing.