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Hiya Moxie :wave:

Allergy medications are fickle creatures and many times one works and another does not. For example, I am severly allergic to dust mites. Zyrtec will help the sneezies and the upper respitory symtoms but not the skin reactions and my itchy mouth and inner ear. Allegra-D does similar things but the regular Allegra works for me. As you can see allergy medications can vary greatly. My suggestion is to first get your sons' IgE levels tested. Its a simple blood test that can detect specific allergens. Then based on the results, your doctor can succesfully find a proper treatment plan which might not include Zyrtec. Those with high IgE scores are cadidates for Xoliar. I don't know much about the Xolair but I hear great things about it. Also, see a specialist such as an allergist. (if you arent already are) He/She might be able to do more for your son than a general practisioner (sp) Do some research and I am sure your son will benefit greatly. Good Luck! :)