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My understanding is that Mayo clinic has developed a sinus rinse that is antibiotic and antifungal but that they do not have a patent for it yet and therefore it is not yet available to anyone who's not a Mayo patient.

Now that I am on Xolair, I have hardly any sinus problems. (I am terribly allergic). However, I have been very interested in the possibility of inhaled antibiotics to treat sinus infections rather than oral ones. THe only time I have ever had an IV antibiotic was when an oral antibiotic didn't work and my sinus infection spread to my lungs and it just about killed me b/c of triggering my asthma.

I am in frequent disagreement with the previous poster about the efficacy of Avelox and Levaquin. These are the only oral antibiotics that work for me anymore. I have had chronic sinus infections triggered by allergic rhinits several times a year for years. I don't have any problems with side effects from Avelox or Levaquin. That said, they are currently the strongest oral antibiotics available and people who still get benefit from Augmentin or Zithromax should try those.

Anyway, good luck. Glad you are going to see a specialist.
The company Sinucare has the antibiotics and antifungals available right now. There is ever a prescription form to download to give to your doctor.

I have been on Avelox for six or seven weeks now with no problems. I will get a blood test to check my liver when I get a chance, per doctors request (just to make sure). It keeps my infection in check, but this time I just can't kick it completely. That's why I'm looking at these other options.

Glad Xolair is helping you. I don't know about that for me, my allergies are moderate, not severe. However, I think the structure of my sinuses/turbinates is such that even a small degree of inflammation blocks things off and keeps the infection in. So maybe it can help, but my gut feeling is that I have to get rid of this infection and then the inflammation may calm down. It's the chicken and the egg argument, which triggered which - the infammation or the infection. I am attacking both but I would like to go ballistic on the infection.

Do other people not feel that way? It seems odd to have a sinus infection but not want to go all out against it.