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What medications are you guys on?

I'm on:
Advair 500 twice a day
Qvar 4 puffs twice daily
Nexium twice a day
Nasonex twice a day
Allegra-D twice a day
Pulmozyme twice a day
Singulair once a day
prednisone 20mg in the morning, 20 at night
Xopenex twice a day and as needed
Atrovent/Duoneb as needed
Xolair once a month
Tobi for 28 days with infections
Magnesium and multivitamin once a day

I think that's quite enough. :rolleyes:
I'm on
Foradil Twice a day
Nexium 40 mg Once a day
Allegra 180 mg Once a day
Singulair Once a day
Spiriva ONce a day
Xoponex as needed
Atrovent as needed
Calcium 1000 mg Once a day
Elestat one drop in each eye Twice a day
Nasonex 2 sprays Once a day
Prednisone 50 mg Once a day
Qvar 6 puffs Twice a day
Biaxin 500 mg Twice a day
Sudafed in the PM
And possibly starting on methotrexate, I find out more when I see my pulmo tomorrow, I was also on Xolair for 6 months, but we stopped it because we thought it was making me sicker
I have cut my meds drastically since starting Xolair 13 months ago. I get 3 vials twice a month. (My IgE levels are really high).

Prior to that I was on

Advair 500
rescon mx
albuterol neb
pred as needed
allergy shots