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ah ha! That helps. u see I have severe allergies to a lot of things and my asthma reacts so quickly and so badly that i have to carry epi pens.
It must be bit horrid to have had a useless dr, I hope the allergist will sort you out. I live in the UK so it may be a little different over here, but I would imagine that thay will do skin testing first and possibly a histamine or methacholine challenge to confirm you actually have asthma.
With the skin testing they mark a chart on your arm with pen and put drops of different possible allergens into the different sections of the chart. Then they make a tiny scratch in each drop and leave it for a while to see if you react and how badly. They may also do a lung function test to see how your lungs are. They take you off any antihistamines you may be taking so that it doesn't affect the results, same with the bronchodialators.
I shouldn't worry too much about reacting badly to the skin tests. It is very rare and you would have to have really severe allergies to have a problem with them, don't forget these people are the allergy specialists, so if you do react badly then you are in the right place!
It sounds to me like you have perenial rhinitis, which is a bit like hayfever all year round.
The other thing the Drs may do is take blood samples to chech your IgE levels. This shows them what you are likely to react to and how severely. They should also listen to what you tell them, I react really badly, but my IgE levels are fairly low, so don't worry if your results come back negative.
If your IgE is high then you could try something called xolair which works on IgE levels in some way, there are stronger antihistamines which you can take, or can be used in combination. Have you tried flushing your nose with saline, that sometimes helps. It sounds like you main problem is the skin allergies though. It sounds as though you have urticaria which is the development of hives and can be as a result of just scratching yourself which would explain why you are sensitive to diferent textures.

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try the asthma and allergy foundation of america website, and click on allergies, it has loads of useful info
Hope this helps a little, let us know how you get on with the allergist
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