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The PFT doesn't test for asthma, but decreased lung function. The idea is if your lungs aren't functioning at their best, and you're asthmatic, the albuterol will help and your lung function will increase. I would ask for a copy of the PFT. The number most looked at is the FEV1, or air you can force out in a second. I would recommend going to a pulmonologist who works with asthma, if you want a good lung doc. Not a lot of asthmatics really need to be seen by pulmonologists, and a lot of pulmos work with people who have like cystic fibrosis and emphysema and other types of lung issues. There are people out there who specialize in asthma. I see one. :-D

The gold standard test for asthma is a methacholine challenge. This is where they give you increasing doses of a substance (methacholine) that irritates asthmatics lungs. If you respond, your lungs are considered to be hyperresponsive.

The two preventative medications you're taking are two different types of medications. Qvar works at the underlying inflammation in asthmatics lungs. Singulair works by targeting something called lukotrienes. Lukotrienes can cause trouble breathing and even allergy issues. Singulair is a medication for both asthma and allergies. The Nasonex decreases underlying inflammation in your nasal passages. Those with allergies sometimes have a condition called allergic rhinitis. This is what causes you to have nasal issues with your allergies. Allegra is your basic antihistimine.

If you have sinus issues you may try a sinus rinse. The brand I like is NeilMed, but there are others out there (waterpik, etc). What these do is just rinses out your sinuses and gets all the junk outta' there. Since I've done these, I haven't had sinus issues. It's like gargling salt water when you've got a sore throat. Helps immensely sometimes.

If your allergies are a really big issue you might think about immunology, or more commonly called allergy shots. They just put a bit of your allergen at a time in your arm and it can desensitize you to your allergies. (I had to go twice a week.) If that doesn't work, and you're still having issues, there is Xolair, which is a brand new medication. It's injected too. But right now it's expensive, and used for those with moderate to severe allergic asthma. Costs about ten thousand a year.