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i take it monthly and it works great! i ususally get bronchittis several times a year i have been on xolair since august and i haven't had bronchittis since,on monday i came down with a cold was scheduled for my shot and its just a cold it didnt turn into anything major like it usually does,i don't experiance any side effects.
My husband is on xolair and it has been a WONDERFUL medication!

He has his shots every two weeks, his was a very complex case of asthma, and has been virtually symptom free for almost a year!!!
I have been on Xolair for a little over a year now and it has changed my life. I was diagnosed with asthma 21 years ago and have never been completely wheeze free. I have been hospitalized a few times and was in the ER constantly even though I have a nebulizer at home. I get my shots every two weeks and after the first shot I could tell a difference after only a couple of days. I can be around animals now and not worry about " I am going to the ER tonight." I don't have to take my albuteral nearly as often. There was a time when I was going through an inhaler every two weeks. I could never catch my breath. Xolair is wonderful.
Quote from Howitt44:
I would be interested in knowing your husband's asthma symptoms. I have asthma is that is not "typical" - no wheezing, coughing, etc. I have allergies but I have never brought up this medication to my doctor. Could you please give me some background to your experience with it? Thanks so much!

Sorry for the late reply........

My husbands asthma was more like the post above. He also was in the ER quite a bit, even though we too has a nebulizer at home. He ended up in ICU for more than a week with a status asthmaticus attack.....we almost lost him that time:(.

Because the only thing that could control his asthma before xolair was prednisone, he now suffers from those long term effects. He suffers from bone loss, and in Sept. we almost lost him again to an infection in his spine due to the prednisone.....all this before age 55.

Anyway, xolair has been a miracle drug for my husband and I would highly recommend it to anyone with severe asthma! Our insurance covers all the cost except for our 3 month co-pay.

Good luck to all!
I must be the only person in the world that had a negative reaction to xolair. I was on it for over a year and it made my asthma worse. My attacks were coming every six weeks and I had to go to the emergency room on several occasions. I wonder if anyone else had a negative response besides me.
Hi realtydog,

has anyone taken this expensive drug---please give me feedback if you have or have any information about how well it works

I just when in for my fourth visit for my 4th shot.
So far so good no side effects. Cross my fingers

Nothing significant yet. Was told it could take up 6 months to kick in
and see real significant noticeable results.

Lung function seems to be the same so far (bad in the morning & every night)
Breathless I still get perhaps it from the non allergy triggers
Rhinitis is still there so far
Wheezing is still there at nightime
Chest/rib cage achiness comes and goes

I have had 1 or 2 good days dont know if its attributable to Xolair,Flovent,Singulair, Albuterol, or combination of all.

My asthma triggers are:
allergies (mold,fungus,animal dander, dust, pollen,etc)
humid air

My asthma symptoms are:
1. chest/rib cage achiness & tightness
2. breathlessness (peak flow is around 200 to 250)
3. wheezing

4. Permanent reduced lung capacity
(Seems to be reduced permanently since June of 05 when it had gone chronic (symptoms on a daily basis)

5. Chronic everyday Rhinitis (dry stuffy nose/cant breath through nose)

6. Reduced physical activities because I when I exercise
I feel so out of breath, my hearts pounding, feel like I cant keep up.

For me I believe its too soon yet to tell if it is doing anything significant.
Feel its worth trying as long as there are no negetive side effects. Cross my fingers!!!!!
I have been on Xolair since 2003. I was the first patient in the state of Arkansas to get the medication. My insurance coverage was great. I had no problems getting approved.

I used to neb 4 -6 times a day with a mixture of Xopinex, Atrovent and Pulmicort. I used Advair 500/50 2 times a day and was on 40 mg of prednisone.
I had gained a lot of weight from the pred and developed Type II diabetes and had emotional problems from the pred.

Xolair has been a God send for me. It took a year to see any results but they came. Now exactly 3 years since starting xolair, I am completely off Prednisone, and only use a hand held xopenex HFA inhaler or neb with Xopenex. Only ONCE OR TWICE A DAY!!!!!

I have lost 35 pounds due to getting off Prednisone and following the diabetic meal and diet plan.

Yes, xolair works. Want even more information? Want to talk to other xolair users? I have a yahoo xolair group. Healtboards will not allow an address to be typed here. To find it, just go to Yahoo health boards and look for "xolair users"

you are most welcome to join us!