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Since around the end of March I have been experiencing a fluttery heart beat. I can sometimes feel my pulse in my throat and it feels like my heart skips a beat or has extra beats. Along with that I have difficulty breathing.

I get that symptom quite often.
A Holter Monitor Test can also pick up these symptoms.

I was pretty much a healthy person up until the age of 30 something
But ever since June 05. I have become diagnosed with Asthma, heart beat irregularities. Along with symptoms of rib cage achiness, jitterness.

This all started for me back on June of 05 after catching a chest cold leaving me with a chronic case of asthma up until today.
Was hoping to go back to way I was before this all started.
Unfortunately the Singulair,Allergy Shots, Advair, Albuteral, has not done this for me. Will be trying Xolair next week.

Perhaps the combination of prescription Cough medicine, Albuteral, & Advair
taken during my cold in 05 screwed up the heart
triggering heart beat irregularities up until this day.

For me I can come up with some kind of explaination for my symptoms being:
Asthma - Probably from being exposed to allergies long term (mold in 2 of my apartments, living long term w/cats). Genetics (Only grandfather had lung issues/Emphasema but that was from smoking) I never smoked a day in my life or lived w/one. Test says I am allergic to pretty much everything

Heart beat irregularities - Prescription cough medicine,Advair,Primatene Mist taken during my chest cold 05
screwed up my heart a little to this day.

Constant Rib cage achiness(below bra strap area & the back) - Still dont know whats causing this. Could be the frequent asthma constrictions.
I think a Rheumatologist might be helpful (Specialises in diseases/conditions characterized by symptoms involving the musculoskeletal system)

Jitterness - Could be casued by Asthma Meds or Heartbeat irregularities

The last week or so I started having a dull ache in my ribcage (left side) that sometimes goes around the side to my back as well. The fluttering feeling comes and goes but my chest feel heavy, like I can't get enough air. I have been using my inhaler 3 to 4 times a day!!! I do have a cough and a bit of congestion as well.

I get the same thing

I went to see my doctor today and she said my chest sounds fine but she thinks my asthma may be getting bad and is not under control so she renewed my salbutamol and also gave me another inhaler which I am to take 3 times a day, 2 puffs each time. It is supposed to help with inflamation. In 2 weeks I go back for a check up and if it is still bad she is going to do a chest x-ray and lung function test.

Been there
My x ray was normal
Lung function - I tend to be around 300-350 I believe.Its been awhile since I checked.

I am just wondering if anyone else has had this before and if it caused pain in your chest & back? It feels like tight muscles/nerves. Just curious what helped/what tests were done if things did not improve.

Yes. Thats how I would describe it.
Perhaps you could try a Rheumatologist. Thats what I am going to do for now.

I read on this board a post about another woman who had the same symptom. I think it was titled Rib cage pain.
I believe she tryed cortisone shots injected into her rib cage
because she could not take the medicine orally.

I also have TMJ so the pain from that is more than enough. I am getting married July 8th and am getting very concerned that my health is going to get in the way.

That sucks I know what you mean.
These ailments can be really debilitating.
They impede on your life and your plans.
Wish you well and good luck on your Wedding