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my step-son, who is 5yo, has very bad eczema. the has scabs all over his legs and hands where he scratches till he bleeds. we have tried everything. none of the meds worked. his teacher told us to try aquaphor. this worked well, but can be expensive when you have to apply so much twice a day. so we tried petroleum jelly. it works great! his allergy doc told us to use the most greasy thing we can find. he said cooking oil is good also. we put knee high socks on him when he goes to be. and we tape the tops of them over his calves so he can't pull them off. and we went from giving him baths, to giving showers. and he doesn't get a shower every night. his doc said with eczema kids shouldn't get a shower but once a week during the winter. we do wash the private parts nightly though..lol and we put a humidifier in his room at night. and only put cotton clothing on him. this has helped. he now gets xolair injections every two weeks. the injections are for asthma, but work wonders on eczema. you may want to ask your doc about them. his levels are over 5,000. the doc said that is the hightest he has ever seen. but the injections are helping. also you need to rub him down in whatever moistureizer you use at least twice a day. that is very very important.