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I've been having the "can't get a deep breath" sensation that seems popular on this board.
The symptoms include
"Weird clicking noise in my chest"
"Inability to get a deep breath"
"Sometimes better when yawning"
"Heavy feeling in abs"
"Muscle pain in back"
"Panic attacks that accompany it, sometimes not"
"Gets worse when alone"
"Gets better when not concentrating on it"

The reason I ask, is that all my doctors (ENT, Primary, Pulmonologist) are calling it allergy related asthma. I've always had mild asthma and allergies.
But apparently, my allergy score skyrocketed recently.
Although my lungs apparently sound clear as a bell....
I have a feeling it's NOT allergies...

The allergy doc wants me to do shots every week for a year.
My asthma doc wants me to do Xolair shots every month.
I've had both allergies and asthma my whole life and this problem doesn't feel related.

Anyone deal with this and get over it?