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Re: what is you fev1 (PFT) hi thanks for replying!!! solaray - this may come as a surprise but in fact i actually suffer from both cystic fibrosis and asthma...so quite a few lung-related issues there. (asthma being only a mild component in regards to respiratory problems compared to cf).

Cystic Fibrosis is a restrictive Lung disease which I believe would show up as restrictive lung function on a pulmonary function test.

So perhaps your just the person I am looking to tallk to as I am looking for information on restrictive lung function type diseases.

I put out a post "Restrictive Lung Function" and I was looking to know the following:
Do you think restrictive lung function diagnosis on a pulmonary test is the same thing as restrictive lung disease?

Also what are all the tests that you have had or are aware of that detect the type of restrictive lung diseases that may cause restrictive lung function results.

Do you think if you consistantly get back pulmonary tests results from multiple doctors saying "restrictive lung function"
that further tests should be done to determine what type of restrictive lung disease it is?

I ask these questions because this is my situation. I am presently being treated with Xolair shots (helps prevent allergic reaction), Anti inflammatory inhalers, Albuterol,Singulair. None of these have helped improve my lung function so far and its been probably over a year of this treatment.

Still trying to get a chance to see my doctor & or different doctor to clarify this.

I would appreciate any info or input you may have.

Thank you very much.
Solaray – I wish I could be of more help but I’m afraid I might not be the right person your looking for.
I’ll do my best however.

I did do a search on common restrictive lung diseases and Interstitial lung disease, Sarcoidosis-granulomatous disorder and Extrapulmonary restrictive lung disease appear to be most common.

Thank you so much. I received more information from you & the internet than I did from my doctors over the past 3 years!!!!!!

My second opinion pulmonary doctor was shown my 3 (pulmonary tests -all saying restrictive lung function/reduced lung capacity)
performed by previous pulmonary doctors office and his office.
I asked if Xolair (medication injected to reduce allergy reactions/inflammations)would be helpful.
He said " No.Thats not for you! I dont know why I have that brochure out in my patient waiting room. I have to have that removed"

And all he could say to me was gee you dont have asthma sent me on my way with albuterol and advair.

End of story. No other explanation given nor explained test results telling me what I had.
What kind of a doctor is this.
They were too busy pigging out on their free lunch that day provided by the visiting DRUG COMPANY.

Meanwhile previous pulmonary doctor is telling me I STILL l have asthma.
3 years later because thats how the symptoms started out (Occasional weekly episodes 2/3 times a year of breathlessness,wheezing,chest tightness etc) years ago.

Since June of 06 my condition/symptoms are everyday(24 hours a day) I believe my test results & symptoms dont resemble asthma anymore based on my research and my second opinion. So Iam left with restrictive lung function and need to further clarify do I have restrictive lung disease? What the cause is of my restrictive lung function. What is the best treatment.

And yes I do think that further testing should be done to determine what, if any, restrictive lung disease you have, as that way you can get the proper treatment you need. I am curious, what are your symptoms? Are you particularly congested, wheezy, chronic cough etc.

Current symptoms since June 06 are:
Constant chest tightness
Constant Breathlessness
Wheezing on occasions
Always dry/No mucus
No coughing
Feeling like I almost stop breathing at night.

I only wish my doctors you take my symptoms as seriously as I do!!!!
Its hard to find a good pulmonary doctor/right doctor who has decent hours
that dont exculde working people (8:30 - 6:00)

I practically have to be unemployed to meet doctors limited hours of
10am -4pm.
All I want is a good doctor who has at least a one late night or a weekend appointment schedule. Hard to find in the pulmonary specialist area.

Sorry I am complaining.

I think see your doc ASAP and speak to him/her about your concerns. And I also know how annoying and frustrating it can be not to see an improve in you lung function!!!

Sorry it took me so long to reply, I have been busy with school etc. etc. And sorry if I didn’t really help much LOL!!!
Bye xx

Thank you so much for speaking with me I really appreciate it.
Good luck with school:)