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[COLOR="Blue"]Pronounced.. ZOL~AIR

I have been on XOLAIR now for 3 months.. Very very expensive.. but very lucky my benefits have picked up the tab.. I was very very bad with asthma.. I was in the hospital almost every night.. or at least every other night..always on Steroids.. Used my ventolin so much.. had to buy a new one every week.. Asthma was right out of control..

Then my Specialist suggest [COLOR="Red"]XOLAIR.. Been on it for 3 months.. Haven't bought a inhaler for 3 months.. Haven't been in a emergency room.. Running up and down the stairs 4 or 5 times a night.. Haven't felt this good for nearly 20 years.. I feel good.. If interested.. then PLEASE check with your doctor.. But as I said.. EXTREMLY expensive.. roughly $2000 every 2 weeks for 3 injections..
I have been on xolair for 2 years, it is a great medicine,my insurance only will pay for it 1 time a month i am on 450mg 3 shots, my doctor wants me to take it every 2 weeks but i am lucky the insurance pays for it once a month,but it is a miracle drug i haven' even had a cold or bronchitis since getting xolair injections.
my step-son is on xolair. 3 injections every two weeks. we found out today that we can order the meds through mailorder via our perscription plan and it will be $50 for a three month supply. we still have to take him to his doc to give him the injections. but it will not cost that much. you may wanna check into it. look on the back of your insurance card to see who handles your meds and call.