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Hello Kimberly and all,

My granddaughter has this kind of asthma also. Her doctor calls her a cougher. She has been on prednisone off and on for almost a year and a half, but the small airway constriction is still there. She's on just about EVERY medication you can name (flovent, foradil, singulair/10 mg., nasonex, allegra/180 mg., xopenex, and a new decongestant that I can't remember the name of, allergy shots, mucinex/when needed), along with constant rounds of antibiotics. Like you all, her asthma only acts up when she catches an upper respiratory (cold, flu) and it goes into sinusitus. We've been fighting this for almost 2 years now. She's been taking so much prednisone that she now has adrenal insufficiency. However, we did find out that she has developed new allergies (dog, mold/alternaria, and gerbil). Since NOTHING seems to help anymore, we (her doctor and I) have decided to start Xolair shots. I pray this will help. If not, then we'll stop these shots and change her allergy serum to include dog, tear up the carpet, and get the ducts cleaned. Have any of you tried theophylline(sp?). If so, what were your experiences? Thanks.