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Well it has been a tough 2 weeks. Asthma has been really bad. I went to my doc all last week to get vest treatments but unfortunatly they didn't help very much and my lung capacity was only at 50% so doc had me go tot the ER and after beung there for 10 minutes decided I needed to stay. This is the 6th time in 10 months quite a bit of time. SO now I am going back to the pulmologist to figure out how to avoide being hospitalized every 3 months. I just want a normal life where I can do normal things wihtout being triggered all the time. Nxt week I am supposed to start the xolair depending on how my breathing is. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do in the meantime? The docs are stumped I'm on everything I can be including the highest dose of advair as well as on Prednisone. There were no infections, xrays were negative so how do I live a normal life and get the asthma to where it's controlled?

Thanks for listening I am just frustrated. On a positive note though I am looking to go back to school to become a RT :)