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Quote from OutToLunch:
You cannot target where fat is lost. There is no such thing as spot reduction. All you can do is concentrate on lowering your overall body fat and eventually, you will lose fat from your waist and thighs.

this is not true. From an exercise perspective its somewhat true (though even this is still up for debate). There are plenty of drugs that have local lipolytic and lytic actions, there are also drugs that have actions is specific tissue types.

the kind of fat that is referenced (inner thighs and love handles) is typically an Alpha2 adrenoceptor rich (A2 receptor activation down regulates norepinephrine(lipolytic)- stubborn fat (oestrogenic) is often due to high A2 vs. beta receptor concentrations).

A topical yohimbine formulation, like Yohimburn ES or other, could be quite effective.

Oral yohimbine would also help, though its usually only tolerable in low doses (partly due to mao-i inhibition in the gut). Topical (transdermal) yohimbine allows for large doses of the alpha2 adrenoceptor blocker to be delivered directly to the tissue in question.
Quote from southjerseymom:
I completely agree. Unfortunatley, it IS true- you cannot spot reduce.

just a few examples

deoxycholate- induces local lysis- indiscriminate unfortunately (this treatment is also called lipostabil)- btw dont reccomend this because lysis is indiscriminate- its the detergent action of the deoxycholate and not the phosphatidyl choline that causes lysis- it is good for treatment of lipomas.

Yohimbine- A2 blocker increases local fatty acid utilization

11-beta hydrocxysteroid blockers- including glyzzerin and oleanolic acid block local cortisol production and increase local fat loss

HGH- local lipolysis at injection site (hence reccomendation for site rotation)