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Hi, I'm new here. I'm 21 and I'm not sure what's wrong with me. Perhaps cancerdad can point me in the right direction. But enough about me for now. I have been experimenting with supplements for two years now. I started with the GNC yohimbine which gave me all kinds of side effects. About 8 months ago I started back in with a pack of Libidus and have since tried many different things and can review them all for you if you want. However, I have a few general questions that may be answered or at the very least get you thinking about them.

1. Libidus. I remember it not working that well for me, but it was a while ago. I still have some so I might try again. My question is that it seems people are concerned it may have sildenafil in it. This would be absurdly ironic being that the Libidus people come right out and say that there are companies who do secretly put pharmaceuticals, such as sildenafil in their herbal products and that they don't. Two, if they do, this comes as a surprise considering no one is complaining of any side effects, other than slight headache (which i got the first time). Similarly with other drugs that have been notorious for spiking (spontane-es, vigor rx, etc.) I have a bottle of vigor rx and I get no side effects from it. Are we to believe that these boiler room scientists found a way to alleviate tadalafil side effects?

2. Has anyone tried vigor 25? I have gone through about 4 of these and I think that for it not including yohimbe it's a damn strong herbal pill.

3. The consensus seems to be that Enzyte is a scam, but why? I don't have the package with me now, but I remember the ingredients are pretty much the same as other daily ED supplements. Could it be that enzyte is using poor-quality ingredients? Or are people that are saying it's a scam expecting size increase? Ahh, correction, I tried a month of enzyte before I got the Libidus. I don't really remember it doing anything extreme, but then again, I only took it for about 3 and a half weeks.

4. There is talk of people taking Cialis daily. My first question is how the hell can you afford this? My second question is how is this necessary? When I take 2 pills of Vigor RX, I easily get an erection for a couple days, probably about 36 hours or so. I'm not sure how much Tadalafil is in two pills...probably not much because the package says do not take more than four pills in one day, so 4 pills is probably not too much to handle.

5. There doesn't seem to be too much interest in the daily ED treatment here. The stuff I have is Arginmax. I guess it works? It's hard to tell, you know? I also am now taking Alpha Male Plus, which is supposed to be for semen volume (elk antler stuff). I also have Libido max, but it contains yohimbe. And I have one more called Testora which is basically Stamina Rx but with no yohimbe. I've never taken it on a daily basis though. I'm interested in trying Stamazide/Stamanex because it seems to be the big hit. Also recently stumbled on Prelox/Prelox blue. It's L-Arginine with Pycnogenol. Apparently the combination is potent. Also curious if anyone has had any success with the enlargement pills (VigRx), obviously not for enlargement. But it seems they consistently have some ingredients the normal stuff doesn't have and might be worth checking out.

Oh, also, I'm not 100% against yohimbe. That particular GNC product didn't sit well with me, but most others do. Speaking of yohimbe, one product you guys might want to check out is Max Size. They also make a couple others, one's called Herbal Viva. They have single servings at the adult bookstores. The Max Size is like a Stamina Rx with three times the amount of ingredients. Worked really well...I might try it again soon.