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  1. love handles and inner thighs
    ... vs. beta receptor concentrations). A topical yohimbine formulation, like Yohimburn ES or other, could be ... quite effective. Oral yohimbine would also help, though its usually only tolerable ... mao-i inhibition in the gut). Topical (transdermal) yohimbine allows for large doses of the alpha2 adrenoceptor...

  2. hip fat
    ... things will help with aromatase related fat topical yohimbine (like Yohimburn ES- otc) and aromatase inhbitors(like ... femera, arimidex, aromasin- prescription). Oral yohimbine will help a little, but it cannot achieve high tissue ... dministration because oral dosing must remain quite low. Yohimbine blocks the A2 adreonceptor (which is upregulated by...
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  3. britney spears abs and tighter toned butt
    ... a bottle of each. I think my next pruchase will be Yohimbine HCI, in a pure form. I also take Tribulus. I'm taking...