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Hello!!! I hear every word you wrote! I am 39, gainfully employed, and I have spastic L hemiplegia. I used to say I walked with almost no signs of problem, but that is not true anymore. I have a brace to help with a foot drop issue and I use a cane. My spasticity has gotten much worse, with my tight areas being my hamstrings and hip flexors. There is a big communication gap with the medical community and the differences between children with CP and adults. YES! your body will give up on the compensation methods it used when you were younger. You will have increased wear and tear on your joints and muscles at a higher rate than people who are aging "normally".

I have been getting botox injections for the past 2 years. They have been successful in most areas but not all. I have been having more wear in my lower lumbar area. Recent epidural injections have helped with that and I am scheduled for another next week. I have not been given baclofen mostly because of the side effects. How are you with them??? I was just given a prescription for zanaflex which is supposed to give the dame results but be a little nicer with the drowsiness and so forth.

Which brings me to say this......has anyone out there tried zanaflex?? Can I get some feedback? I should probably post this separate.

Anyway, it is very nice to meet you jimslade. And I hope we will hear from you again soon.