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Hello, and thanks for the clarification. That is just what my doctor told me, and I didn't know that it was not the way that you should describe it. Well, my situation is that I take Tegretol XR for seizures, Zanaflex twice a day for spasticity and prevention of cluster headaches, and also take Klonopin for tremors. I have to agree with the fact that things must change as you get older, since I have not really had many symptoms until the past few years, and did not receive a diagnosis of CP until this past year. Do your meds make you sleepy? I work full time plus on-call, and I seem to be tired all the time. Anyone else taking a similar combination of meds? I don't go back to see my neurologist for six months or so for another EEG, but I thought about discussing the situation with my family doctor. He doesn't really understand chronic problems, especially with co-occuring problems like epilepsy.

I have tried to go to Chiropractors for care for my back- good or bad idea? Anyone? My discs in my neck are thinning, and my chiropractor says that because of the scoliosis and reversed curvature I will probably have disc degeneration sooner than most people.

Anywhere I can specifically locate info on classification of CP? My husband also has CP- he is 52, I am 30 (until this year we never realized we had this in common!!) and it has affected his entire right side for his life, but he just limps a little and has some limited usage of his right hand. He's fantastic, and has never let it get him or anything he wants to do. He doesn't really know a lot about CP either though, because he and his family didn't talk about it- they just raised him to do anything he could and give it 100%. Any info you guys can give, and I will read the other posts on this site to gain insight- will help. Thanks!