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I am 41 with L spastic CP. I take gabapentin for spasticity/tremor/nerve pain issues, and zanaflex for a muscle relaxant. I also get botox in my lower left extremities in several locations.
My CP is less affected than others, I walk with just a cane for balance and I work full time most of which involves a lot of standing and walking. I also am a Mom to a 9 year old daughter. So Botox was started for me because the weakness in my left side was causing me to trip and fall a lot. The tightness in the muscles was causing a LOT of fatigue as well. I have been getting shots for 3 years now at 3 month intervals. The botox is a temporary treatment and it has varying results with each person.
It usually takes 3-10 days to start showing full effect. The shots will essentially weaken the area treated to relieve the spasticity and to allow other surrounding muscle groups to work more effectively. I have had really good luck with my shots. I just got a round a couple of days ago and right off the bat I can tell you that i was having trouble laying in bed with my leg stretched out because of the spasticity. I would also get pain in my hip from having the leg always in a bent position. Today I woke up with my leg extended and no hip pain.
They do give botox for arm spasticity, although I have very minor involvement with my arm. The weird thing for me is that I have Left sided involvement, but somehow managed to be a left handed person which is very rare.