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For months we've been having a heck of a time feeding our baby. Started about three months ago. Guess we thought he was maybe starting to teethe early -- although still haven't seen any sign of teeth. He'd drink about 2 ounces from his bottle and then push it away, sometimes scream. We'd end up wrestling with him just to get extra formula down him. He's on zantac for supposed reflux, although he's never been much of a spitter. He's been checked for thrush. He doesn't have a poor suck reflex. Used a zillion different nipples. Tried a sippy cup, tried a regular cup. Tried different formulas. He's perfectly happy as long as we don't come near him with a bottle. Oh, and if I give him an empty nipple -- he'll suck on that. Same with a pacifier

He used to be such a good eater. A joy to feed. Just gets so frustrating. At least we're able to feed him solids, but I'm concerned he's not getting enough nutrients. Doctors aren't much help. Just seem to chastise us by saying "a baby his age should be drinking 6-8 ounces in less than 20 minutes"

Meanwhile we've upped his caloric intake by adding more formula powder (based on a recipe provided by a dietician). Would appreciate any suggestions.
DS is now 13 months old. Problems seem to come and go. Last weekend we had a tough time, but there were lots of people around for the 4th of July weekend and I don't think he wanted to sit still to eat, plus he sometimes dozes off when he drinks his bottle and I suspect he was also trying to fight sleep.

Things got easier when he ate more solids, so I at least felt he was getting some nutrition -- he loves yogurt and Mac & Cheese. When things got really bad, we'd just give him his bottle more often -- every three hours instead of every 4. Best feedings were at night when he was sleepy or sleeping. So I'd feed him before we went to be -- about 10:30 or 11 and then we'd set the alarm for about 2:30 or 3 and DH would give him a bottle. Pretty much sleep feeding.

He's still on zantac for reflux, but I'm not so sure that ever worked. My cousin's child has severe reflux, which caused pain and she said the zantac works like a miracle.

My MIL suggested using a shot glass, which we tried during more desparate times, but not all that convenient if your child is in daycare or you're travelling. I still don't know what caused the problem. Once I was feeding him a bottle in the car and he started to throw a fit. Put a pacifier in his mouth, he was fine. Put a nipple of a bottle in his mouth without a bottle he was fine. So it must hurt is stomach or something when he drinks or he associates it with discomfort -- he's horrible with diaper changes. Hates a messy diaper, so maybe he realizes if he drinks his bottle, he's going to poo and it'll upset him. It's a mystery. Try not to get upset. I know easier said than done.
Thank you for your reply. Some days are better than others, when it's a pretty good day I feel like I can get through this, when it's a bad day, I feel so hopeless. Yes, sleep feeding works well. My DS was on Zantac, now is on Prevacid, no difference. Monday he'll have a ph probe to see if it's really reflux. Also, I'm going to have him see a feeding team (a speech therapist and occupational therapist, I think). The GI nurse keeps saying by 7 months he'll grow out of this, it doesn't sound like your DS grew out of it:( What formula did you end up using and bottle? Did you ever try Alimentum RTF?
hi there just wanted to let you know I am still in the same boat. My son is almost 5 months and when he hit 4 months his fussing with bottles got very bad again. Drank an ounce or two and started screaming. I hate it when people think "oh hes just not hungry" cause I know he is. I don't know if it is reflux or just his personality. He started drinking 1/2 of what he was eating so I took him to the doctor again. He gave me zantac and reglan which got him eating his normal amount of formula again. He still throws his fits during feeds from time to time but now with the medicine I can usually calm him down with a pacifire and pop that bottle back in quickly. I hate feeding him :( I am always wondering if he is gonna take his bottle good this time or throw a fit and make me work to get him to drink it. Babies are suppose to enjoy feeding right? He starts getting upset as soon as he sees the bottle. I hope he outgrows this. Thank god he eats his rice cereal.
Actually my son was born a week late and I had him by c-section on the 19th. (little rascal has been stubborn from the beggining lol). Thats cool though only 6 days apart. I wanted to take him to a gastro pediatrician but my doctor says he will out grow this at 7 months. Sometimes I wonder if it really is reflux or maybe I am just not good at feeding my baby. But he does this to everyone who feeds him so it isn't in my head. I just tried to feed him and he got really cranky on me and wouldn't take it so I guess I will try again later. This is so frustrating. If I ever have any more kids I don't want to go through this again. I feel so bad giving him zantac and reglan but I am at my wits end trying to feed this boy. He is only in the 25th percentile for weight.
the gi doc told me it was a bottle aversion that may have been caused by reflux. the gi nurse always says that, too, that they outgrow it by 6-9 months. but man, that is a long time to deal with this. my DS is still doing a little better if we feed him right when he gets up from a nap. but now he's not taking the spoon well. I hope he doesn't get a spoon aversion, too!
on another wesite's reflux board there are a lot of other people who have the same problem, so please don't feel that it's you. that's what i used to think, that i was just too nervous feeding him, or feeling too guilty over not being able to BF, but people told me thats probably not the case, its just pain and hes associating the bottle with the pain.
my DS was on zantac for awhile and i think ive seen some improvement with prevacid.
i took him to the doc, they didn't clip his tongue, said it didnt need to be done. also got him weighed: 15lbs8oz, between the 35 and 50 %-tile. so he's small too. but the doc said as long as he's gaining, they are not worried, he said hes more concerned about the huge overweight babies.
anyway, hang in there, we'll get through this!
Yes, I tried and tried for 2 weeks, he wouldn't latch on correctly, I think being tongue-tied had something to do with it, also I have "flat nipples" which didn't help him any. I had plenty of milk, I pumped for 5 more weeks after that, but pumping was such a pain, he would always start crying when I started pumping. Anyway, while he was taking the expressed breastmilk, he did fine with the bottle, and I liked being able to see the ozs go down. When I pumped less and gave him more formula, these problems started, now that I look back. Had I known, I would have kept pumping while I still had milk. But by 2 months, he would take half a bottle, stop drinking and scream, arch back. Then we got him on Zantac and I don't know if it even helped at all. It's been a struggle to feed him ever since, 3 long months. But like I said, I think things are finally improving somewhat.
I felt so guilty about not being able to make BF work. I always thought back and would say, if only I was BFing him, he wouldn't have these problems.
But what you're saying and people on that other website say, they had these same problems BFing. So they had to stop BFing to put their babies on special formula.
What formula do you use? We use GoodStart. We tried Enfamil, Soy, and Nutramegin. None made a difference. We use Dr. Brown's bottles, and now Prevacid twice a day (maybe helping?)
I didn't nurse. DS was born with an intestinal blockage, rotation, voluvus caused by cystic fibrosis. One of his doctors on the CF team is a Gastro guy, who prescribed zantac but most of the responses I've gotten from any people in the medical field regarding bottle aversion are "huh, that's strange" as if we're feeding him incorrectly.

My cousin has a baby with SEVERE reflux and said zantac was a godsend for them; however her child is 10 1/2 months old and she still can't take him off it 'cuz he has horrible pain.