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I desperately need some advice. My 3 year old daughter had an ilium atresia and an appendectomy within hours of birth. Due to her surgery, she had reflux. She was on Erythromycin and Zantac for the first year of her life. She was on the Erythromycin due to motility issues with her bowels. She has always had an issue with constipation and upon her release, she was in the ER, Surgeons, or GI's atleast once a week for the first couple months.

I am very fortunate because she loves healthy foods and would prefer a can of peas for lunch than anything else in the house. Watermelon, cantalopes, grapes, and tomatoes are a staple in our house. She drinks tons of apple juice and has very limited amounts of dairy. You would think that with all of those kinds of foods that she wouldn't have a problem stooling. We went to the GI's about 6 weeks ago and they informed me that I needed to increase her fiber intake to atleast 8g per day which completely stopped her stooling. In addition, I was to give her the MiraLax daily. I'm not fond of having her take the MiraLax daily because I worry that her bowels will become dependent on the laxatives. Now, without the laxatives, she isn't stooling and she's begun to spit up mouthfuls of food daily. The surgeons always told me that if the stooling stopped and vomiting started, that I was to rush her immediately to the ER for fear of another blockage. The main problem I see is that even though she has had this surgery and there are always chances that it will reoccur in the future that they don't do follow-ups or testing to guarantee that there aren't any problems that are beginning.

I am searching for anyone who has had a child who had this surgery and if so, if they have had any recurrances and/or complications. I was also curious about the daily use of the laxatives. Any suggestions or advice that anyone has is greatly appreciated.

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Did they ever give a diagnosis as to why she had atresia? I know there are a couple of genetic disorders which can cause motility issues, although I can't recall what they're called off the top of my head. I'd see about getting a referral to a GI specialist. Let them know this is an ongoing problem

DS was born with atresia, blockage. volvus and some other things which required emergency surgery; however his is caused by cystic fibrosis. And he also takes zantac and has constipation issues -- but not all the time. When it becomes a problem we were told to use Milk of Mag for a few days. Most of the time lately we have the other problem -- he has to take pancreatic enzymes for digestion and if he doesn't get enough of them -- eats something too fatty, it just runs through him