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I start off feeding him with a bottle early morning and his last feeding at night. He's so sleepy and cuddly. In the morning, once he wakes up fully I move him to his high chair, put the remaining liquid in a glass. He thinks he's a big boy now and drinks from a glass and within the past few weeks has decided he doesn't want strained food anymore -- he wants chunkier stuff. He used to act like he had a hairball and would throw a fit. Doesn't seem to have such an upset stomach or reaction when he poops anymore, either. Instead screaming hysterics with a filthy diaper, he now prefers sitting in it. Oh joy! So maybe it's something they do outgrow.

He's still on zantac, not sure if he needs to be, but figure it won't hurt him. He doesn't have a regular doctor's appointment until November, so we'll see about making changes then.

BTW, I've found that those sippy cups that have a straw in them, like a sports bottle work really good. DS drinks out of a straw really well and it's not messy like when you take the valve out of those sippy cups.