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I took my little girl to the doctor. Not her normal doctor. Anyways he said that she has a mild cases of rsv. Just to give her tylenol. That she will be fine in a week. They said she propably got it from daycare. Then i asked if she could go to daycare. They told me just not to tell them what she has. If i did they would freak out. The nurse said that they would never know the difference because she wasn't running a fever. To me the way they said it was like i should but who's going to know. Which i thought was very wrong. So i didn't take her to daycare. She also has reflux and is on reglan and zantac. Where there have been new reports about zantac and the people who take it are more likely to get pnemouia. So needless to say i am worried to death about her. I am a first time mom and all of this is just making my so sick with worry. I just fear that something horrible will happen to her. Any advice or information on rsv and/or reflux.
Thanks for all the replies. I am worried about her, but she seems to be doing fine with the tylenol. What i don't understand is that everyone has said something about test. He never tested her for it. She was coughing when he walked into the room and he said it sounds like rsv. Then he looked her over and said it was a mild case and to give her tylenol and she would be fine in a week. This is not her normal ped. Her ped wasn't in so we had to see someone else. I talked to someone i know who's baby had it really bad. They said that since it was a mild case and she had been at daycare all week that is probably why they told me it was ok for her to go. She had already exposed everyone to it.They said their doctor told them that two days before symtoms even show they can spread it. What i don't understand it he looked at me and said that she has rsv,but i am going to write in her chart uri and cough. When he said rsv of course i was immediately worried. I asked if she would be ok and he said yes and if she wasn't i would bring her back. I didn't take her sooner to the doctor sooner because i really thought it was her reflux attacting up. When we first found out she had that she sounded the same. So i kept taking her to daycare and doing everything i could to make her comfortable. Then i noticed the cough changed and she started crying like something was hurting her. Thats when i took her in. She is on Zantac too. Which i have been told make it easier for them to get pnemiouna. I think this week i may get her in to see her normal doctor and she what she says. I am not convinced that she even had rsv in the first place. He said both of her lungs sounded clear. This guy is weird. Thanks for all your help and i am going to keep a close watch on her and get her into her doctor.
DS was on zantac from just about birth until a week ago -- he's 1 1/2 years old. Because of health problems his doctor was very very concerned that he NOT get RSV and at one regular peds appointment he had a boogery nose and a little bit of a cough, which is why they tested him for RSV. He didn't have it. I still don't understand why the doctor suggested tylenol if your child didn't have a fever.

Most children do get RSV, but I think the older the child is the better off they are 'cuz it's a virus and they gradually build up a bit of immunity so symptoms aren't as severe.