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im am just tore up, my instincts just know my daughter is having a bout with strept throat..she had her tonsils out march 14, so now its just gonna be harder to prove and test for..she has been complaining with the usual symptoms my kids have complained with everytime they had strept..throat tastes yucky, dry and needs some water, throat and tummy burns and vomiting..been for like 2 wks now..had her 1 wk ago in to ped. and the rapid test was negative, so they put her on 3 days of omniceph antibiotic awaiting the culture.. i called back last monday and they said culture was neg. too..but bring her in in case its mono..check her out for that and doesnt seem to be but maybe its reflux and has like really bad heartburn, so put her on zantac liquid for that..hasnt helped, shes still miserable, screamed after swallowing some toothpaste spit last night that it burned her throat then vomited all over the bathroom floor.. the zantac also burns as its mint flavored and 6.5% alcohol to boot..im just at wits ends..like i said my heart knows its strept again, but shes complaining it burns like further down her throat, like down there around her adams apple..but how in the world would they get down that far to test for it now that her tonsils are gone...she tested pos for strept 3 days before her surgery too by the way..and then 4 days later had her brother in with strept symptoms,,he too had his tonsils out after xmas and tested neg..but they treated him since she was just positive too...and walla..the symptoms and vomiting stopped..so i just know it was strept even thought he tested neg at that visit..
any advice?? anyone been there, seen this?? im just at wits end and feel so helpless...if its strept and left untreated whats gonna happen if anything..
thanks for any advice
bb/g 8-7-97 4.5yrs old now!!!