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We recently went through a similar situation with our 5 month old. He has reflux and the doctor increased his zantac from 1/2 ml to 1 ml twice a day. That weekend he got really fussy, gassy and would only eat about 2 ounces and start screaming. We battled with him for a month -- thought it was behavioral, that he was maybe teething, that he was lactose intolerant (switched formulas).

Finally, during a routine follow-up exam we asked his doctor who told us that it wasn't behavioral, that maybe he had oral thrush in his esophagus or way back in his throat that he couldn't see caused by all the antibiotics he's been on -- so he gave us a prescription for diflucan. He also ordered some x-rays as our child was born with a bowel obstruction and had to have surgery. X-rays showed a LOT of stuff (stool) in his large intestine (constipation) and told us to give him Milk of Magnesia twice a day until things got moving.

Not sure what it was that caused the problems, but he's started eating again without putting up a fight.