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My 10 year old son starting not feeling well a couple weeks ago and was complaining about nausua, usually at night. He had been out of school for 3 weeks for winter break. 1st week back on Thursday he came home pale and said that he was having chest pains. I've noticed since then he has very little appetite and is not drinking much either. I took him to the doc on Friday and they told me it was acid reflux, no fever, no cold but he had lost 6 lbs since November with out growing any. Last check he had gained 26 lbs in a year and only grown 2 inches. So the kids 4'6" and 100lbs. I also asked about heart murmurs because when he was 3 his pediatrician said he had an echo, not a murmur and this doc said he had an "innocent murmor" in 2002 but it's not there now so everythings fine. Not too much of a problem but the doc said it was probably acid reflux and ordered zantac. Ran a full blood workup just to be sure. I called on Monday for the results because on Saturday he started feeling nausua after eating lunch at 12pm then by 5pm he was so tired he just wanted to go to sleep. After making him eat and giving him a Sprite to drink, within about a 1/2 hour he was bouncing off the walls and back to normal. I asked the teacher if he was abmormal the previous week and she said lathargic. So I went right to the doc for the blood results which they told me blood glucose was a little low but nothing to worry about. It was fasting at 58. Also he had 3+ Ketones. They say this is normal, but I know my kid and he's just not acting right. Maybe he's going through a growth spurt, had a bug and it's nothing right? Well diabetes does run in my family and I just wanted piece of mind. They sent him Tuesday for a 3 hour glucose tolerence test and I just got the results which they say are normal.
89-fasting 99-1 hour 102-2 hours and 77 3-hours.
My husband thinks I'm being paranoid and he's feeling much better, but his eyes still look like they have black circles around them and I'm not noticing his appetite or thirst increasing any, he also doesn't seem to have a whole lot of energy to do much. Very quiet and usually is a very outgoing child.
They have referred him to a pediatric Gastro guy thinking it's acid reflux which I have made an appointment for, but I'm not giving him the Zantac cause he says it makes him tired. I don't think it's the Zantac making him tired and I don't want to give him anything until I know for sure what his diagnosis is. Now I'm not normally a hyper mom, and only take the kids to the doc when I know it's necessary maybe needing an antibiotic, but I know my kids and I really have a strange feeling somethings wrong with him.
Please help!
Concerned Mom!