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Hello All!

I seriously wished I would have read your responses before our Pedi Appt yesterday! Lance is 2 years old weighing 22lbs 10oz (below 5%), 34 1/4 inches (over 25%) and his head circumference is 20 1/4 inches (over 95%). They drew blood, he is not anemic. I don't know where he is getting the iron from, but he is. His pedi said that if he was doing fine on the Lactose Free Whole Milk to keep him on that. So far, that has not been an issue, as far as I can tell. I did tell her about the Tiny Tummies in his sippy cups and the elevation of the mattress and she said all of that was fine. I did talk to her about acid reflux and she said that could possibly be. She put him on a trial of Zantac BID to see if that helps him. She wants us to go back in 6 months to get weighed but not more check-ups until 3!:) She also said that her personal opinion was that Lance's tonsils & adenoids should come out. I have a copy of his growth chart to show the ENT on July 5th and will let you all know about that appointment. I may talk to her the next time he gets sick about the food allergies, or the Celtic problem. I am going to do some research on that!

Thank you all for your concern. We are thriving, just at a slow rate! With all of the problems that Lance has, and everything he is going through, I could not have asked for a BETTER KID!!

Have a great day!

Jaime & Lance
I have no idea what happened, but last night Lance woke up screaming. I mean screaming like someone was killing him! When I picked him up from his crib, he almost didn't want to be consoled. I gave him Motrin, thinking it might be his teeth and the Tiny Tummies for his stomach. He did quiet down about 5 minutes after both of those were given and did go back to sleep. There were no other screams last night but that one. I am so thankful that we are getting the Zantac today so we will start him on it tonight. Oh, I can tell you that all day yesterday, he did have the hiccups. Maybe growing pains?? I don't know.

Claflamme...I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I do hope that everything goes well for you and her in the upcoming months! My thoughts and prayers will be with you and her. I did do some research on that Celiac Disease, and it is something I am going to bring up to the pedi when we go back. Lance does have some of the symptoms of that disease. It will be interesting to see what she says!

Have a great day!