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Hi everyone..

just an update, the Dr has told me that my DD has Dysperpsia, or in laymans terms, a type of acid reflux that is caused by stress from school.. she is going to a Ped. GI specialist the end of may. For right now she is taking zantac 75 2 times a day.. and it has been helping alot!

As for taking to her teacher, Perrito, I have tried, But I do believe that this woman is ready to retire in the next year or so, and quite frankly, is just waiting it out.. she is a screamer, and the other teacher that my DD has isn't.. she has no issues with the other lady. I talked to the teacher regarding her stomach issues, and I think she finally sees that she can't yell at every child, they are all diffrent. It seems that when she has a bad day at school the stomach problems really start bothering her.

Thank you all for you advise.. it is MUCH appreciated!