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Maybe i can find some help here...For the past couple weeks my daughter will be playing and is fine and all the sudden she starts crying and i ask her right away whats wrong and all she says is "its all gone" I noticed she had starting gagging and a couple times she actually threw up. I saw her rubbing her throat at one time so i took her to drs and they said based on her symptoms it seemed like acid so they put her on Zantac. She just started taking it on thursday and nothing has changed. Lastnight she was up every hour with sudden cries (not screaming crying more of a whing and whimpering and she wanted in to the bathroom but by the time she got there she said she felt better. Now tonight i noticed everytime she cried and whimpered she wanted a diaper on. Shes potty trained but doesnt "poop" in the potty yet. i put a diaper on her and when she went (still whimpering) i changed her right away and noticed a bit of slime. Sorry for being graphic but im worried! She then was fine and continued playing. It looks normal in color (drk brown) but the slime is what i was worried about. Can acid indeed cause all this trouble? My son was born with reflux but outgrew it when he was 2 and now it seems weird that my daughter seems to be having this problem now and not when she was an infant. Or maybe its not an acid problem???
Any info would be great until i get her back into the dr..