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Hi everyone. just had a question for ya. when gage was diagnosed with epilepsy in november, he was put on ethosuxamide(zarontin). we found out because he was having horrible temper fits and lacked in concentration etc. he was put on the meds and i noticed within the week that they had subsided and i had a normal 4 year old again. i have noticed over the last 3 weeks or so that he has slowely been getting the anger fits, and irrability, and lack of concentration back. more so this past week. could he just be used to the meds adn they are not working anymore. we are waiting for the EEG results to come back and i have a feeling that it will come back abnormal. im going to have to play round robin with the meds again huh. i called his dr. today to see what we should do but i thought i would try here too, to see if you all have any experience with this happening.