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Hi all, i just needed to vent a little. we have been keeping Gage on the liquid zarontin instead of the topomax sprinkles because he wouldnt take them. his PCP told me to keep him on that so at least he was on something till we saw the neuro(they are hard to get ahold of) on the 25th of this month. i called the neuro office on monday to have a new refill called in becasue we didnt have enough to last till that appt.. you know the nurse had the gall to yell at me because he wasnt on the topomax at all. i tried telling her that he wouldnt take it and i couldnt get anyone to call back, and that i saw his dr. in between that time and this is what she said to do. i was literally belittled becuase of it and that she was telling in few choice words that it was my fault that the dr.'s didnt relay this info back and forth(considering they are close). after all that she said she would call it in that day. you know i called that pharmacy till thursday and nothing had been called in. i had to call back to the neuro office and see what was up. she never called it in. mind you i talked to her on monday and this was 4 days later. i had to wait till thursday night to pick it up. after all that yelling she did about it and she forgets to call it in. can you believe that. i cant wait till his appt on the 25th. i will be giving them a piece of my mind. number one i am not a child do not speak to me like i am and number two, it was just as bad for not calling it in. sorry for the long vent but i was literally upset over it. any of you had to deal with ignorant dr. and thier nurses?