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hi everyone, :wave:

i'm jen. i havea 5 year old son named gage. we just found out this past november or so that he has epilepsy but think he may have had it since 1 1/2 years old with his night terrors. we didnt catch on till he started haing really bad temper fits and dr ran some tests and the EEG came back with siezure activity.. its more of a petit mal epilepsy and he only has them when he is sleeping or tired. since we have had him on the medications, he is on zarontin, 2 1/2 tsp. twice a day, he has been doing very well. only i cant get him to take it anymore. :nono: so i may be posting with a new medication here soon. the pediatrician has good hope that he will grow out of it as he gets older.n we have been through the EEG's and we also did a VEEG back in june.

just want to jot a quick note to all the newbie's to welcome you to the board. i always say this is the place for the best friends you never meet. this board has helped me quite a bit and i believe i ahve helped some of them too. welcome, stay awhile and put your feet up. :wave: