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hi all, :wave:

i havnt posted in a while, and im sorry. been a busy summer so far. just thought i would give you a quick update on how gage is doing and all.

he has been fairly decent actually. no siezure activity that i can see. the only problem i am having with him is i cant get him to take the zarontin aymore. he is supposed to be taking 2 1/2 tsp twice a day and i am lucky if ican get him to take 1 full tsp at one time. i was putting it in his drink but he can taste it and i end up wasting that dose becasue he wont drink it. they said to just put in a dropper and put it down the side of his mouth, he has no choice but t swollow it, but he ends up gagging and spitting it back up. i am supposed to ha blood work done on him to check the levels of the medication in him but i cant get a full days worth in him. they said to get it done in the morning before his dose but the prior days med level isnt what he should have in him. i could use any info or help on this one. i have a very stubborn 5 yer old on my hands and i cant get him to undertsand why he needs to take it everyday twice a day, let alone the whole epilesy deal.

other than that he has been really well. no temper fits and his whole demeanor has been very good. wierd since he doesnt have all the meds in him. been sleeping good, playing and im all excited because he starts kindergarten the 31st of august, and i feel he will do really well. cassie is at her typical age. she will be 2 the 29th. we have had some problems with her waking up in the night and screaming and throwing things for a good 2 hours straight. which has me worried because its the came thing gage did when he was her age. i have resorted to takingher for a drive at 3 in the am to calm her down. she fights going to bed and i have tried not giving her a nap int eh day because i thought her sleeping schedule was messed up. but hence she was up and fussing last night. first thoguht into my head was oh my lord she is doing what gage did is this "E"? now here is the question--> what are the chances of this being hereditary, event hoguht there is no signs of it in the family, and it being passed on from gage to cassie. i may be just an over protective mom and a worry wart, but i really have beent hinking in theback of my head of the chances she is having the same things he is and now i will hvae 2 kids with epilepsy. she has her 2 year check up the 23rd i think so i will be asking the dr. about it if she is still doing it. who knows i could just be blowing it all out of proportion and it could just come with the territory of terrible two's.

anyway i have been catching up on my reading of the posts and i am so glad to ehar everyone is doing well and things are good. just a quick note to Katie.....you go girl. may not know you, but feel i should and your doing great. everyone else........ :wave: :D :wave:

dont mind the typo's i tried to fix them and it ended up rewriting over what i just got done typing. really need a spellcheck in this thing for us REALLY bad typers. :D