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hi all,

would just like to share a bit of good news with you all. :D we had to go for a follow up appt. for cassie and her head laceration from this week. to put it shortly, throwing rocks and she got hit. first ride in the ambulance for her. anyway, instead of 5-6 stitches they ended up glueing it together. she is ok now.

so while we were there i needed a new script for gage's liquid zarontin. well i asked her if there was a pill form we could try since we having been pulling teeth with the liquid again. :eek: she looked it up and gave it to us. i went and had it filled and they are probably the size of a small jelly bean. they are kind of like the liqi gels they have for motrin and what not......anyway. we came home and he tried it after watching me do a tylonol, and he did it and had absolutely no problem swallowing it at all. :cool: :cool: he was so excited because he could take it easily. isnt that great. now maybe i wont have anymore probs with him taking his meds. he is still on the 1 dose 5 times a day. same as the liquid, but now i dont have to hide it and have him not get it all.

school is going good i think. i plan on asking the teacher in a week or two, once they get on an actuall lesson plan, how he has been in class. learning and attitude and what not. just to keep up with him. and now that he is on his full dose i should start to see a change in him at home as well. he seems to like it though. they ahve a 4 day weekend so im sure it will take a few days for him to get back into the swing of things. other that that we are doing good and hanging in there.

BONNIE: :jester:

happy birthday to you..... :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing:
hope you enjoy it to the max.