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Hello, I'm the mom of a 9 almost 10 year-old boy who has recently been diagnosed with Absence Seizures (petit mal) Due to his age (though they may have been happening for quite awhile)the doctor isn't sure if this is Chilhood Absence or Juvenile Absence that could progress into Myclonic Tonic and/or Clonic Tonic (grand mal) E so he put him on Depakote instead of Zarontin. Depakote really scares me. He's my only child and I can't bear the thought of anything happening to him. Does anyone have any experience with Depakote? He's on 500mg twice a day. 250 in the am and 250 in the pm. He's been taking the 500mg for a week. I'm still seeing seizures (his eyes roll up in his head) in the late afternoon before he has his evening dose. Could it be it just hasn't built up in his system or does he need a higher dose? It tends to make him a bit lethargic as it is and I've noticed his mind doesn't work as fast as it did before. He's having a hard time grasping some new math concepts. He never had this problem before. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. We go back to the neurologist Oct. 14th. I realize that my son's problems at this point are relatively minor but I'm scared for him all the same.

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