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hi there, :wave:

no gage is on zarontin...well the generic form anyway. he takes 5/250 mil. capsules a day. he was on the liquid form but refused to take it so now we do this. wish i had thought of this last year ;) when this all started he was having terrible temper fits. his pede. had all the test done and the EEG came back with siezure activity. which is good because our next step was testing for ADHD. he was so close in symptoms.

when we found out and started him on the meds, he would have break thru siezures. they only lasted a few seconds but many a day. eyes blinking real hard, eyes rolling to one side, lip smacking, fumbling fingers, night terrors, etc. he would stop doing one thing and start doing another. it took a good 3-4 months to adjust. the only thing we see now is the might terrors. he wakes up like he is stuck in this horrible, horrible dream and doesnt comprehend anything around him. but those are weaning off now too.

we did a 24 hour VEEG in pittsburgh childrens hospital in april. thats how we found out alot of them were when he was tired or asleep. i dont even know he is having them. unless he has a night terror or a good cluster of wetting the bed. nothing else triggered it. hyperventalating, lights, etc.

we dont know where they came from or what started them, but we thought back and think he was having them as early as 2. he was 4 1/2 when we had the tests done. no genetic prob, etc. how old is your son and how did you find out. thanks for the encouragement. it helps alot sometimes. :wave:
Hi Again Jen,

Patrick is almost 10. His birthday is 11/23. We think he's been having staring spells since he was at least 5 or 6. His teachers would say he was inattentive or would just blank out. I was pretty much a day dreamer as a child and ended up growing out of it so I wasn't too concerned. The teachers in public school were of course convinced he had AD/HD without the H. Anyway we noticed something was seriously wrong when last June he would just stop whatever he was doing and his eyes would roll up in his head. His head tilted up too. We took him to our family practitioner but he felt it was best to send him to a pediatric neurologist at Children's Hospital. His regular doc did order an MRI (normal) and bloodwork that was also normal. The neurologist ordered the EEG where we saw the seizure activity. It took three long months to finally see the neurologist. He was officially diagnosed Sept. 14th.

I really wanted to try Zarontin but since Patrick is older the doctor thought the Depakote would be better. There is no way to know if this is Childhood Absence (which most outgrow) or Juvenile (which most don't and a majority of them progress to myoclonic and/or tonic clonic epilespy) My grandmother suffered with Grand Mal's for years. She says they were a result of a head injury but we'll probably never know for sure. The doctor says these things are genetic. The side effects are a lot worse with the Depakote but I have to trust the doctor. Patrick's still having seizures but they aren't as often. We saw the neuro Thursday and had blood drawn to check his levels. He'll most likely add a third pill.

I can totally identify with the AD/HD thing. Sometimes it really looked like that. Pat's not hyper but he was inattentive in class and at home. He'd forget what he was doing sometimes and didn't seem to listen all the time. I must say he was actually improving with age but then the eye rolls came. He was also really moody and emotional. He'd have meltdowns over the smallest things. It seemed to get worse as the seizures progressed. He seems much better now that he's on the depakote. It's also used as a mood stabilizer in bi-polar disorder so maybe it's helping him out there. I wouldn't say he's bi-polar at all though it does run in my family. This was one of the reasons I was against the whole AD/HD thing. Stimulants can sometimes bring undiagnosed bi-polar disorder to the surface. I just wasn't willing to risk it. I've seen my little sister in both her manic and depressed phases. She was also hospitilized twice with psychosis as a teen/young adult. Not to mention that my dad committed suicide when I was 19. Anyway sorry if this is way too much information. LOL

Hang in there. Hopefully your son will outgrow his epilepsy. I'll be praying for him and you. I know how hard this can all be.

Take Care,