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I'm feeling a bit better now, as I suspected; I was REALLY frustrated by the situation and that put me into nasty nasty mood. THANKS, you guys are all so right!

He is a good neurologist, and I switched from one that I REALLY didn't like to go to this one. My friend goes to him aswell, and up until this crazy appointment things were going okay. I'll give him ONE more chance...yeah, thats it.

I'm 22 and have been dealing with seizures of some form or another since I've been 8. (I had grand mals then; my first in my grade three elementary class). I was on Zarontin (I think) for a couple years with no trouble, and when I was 13 (a completely different neurologist from Children's Hospital) took me off meds as a trial...things went well. In highschool I guess its Complex Partials and Absence seizures (depended on the moment) started to run rampid and total impair my life. I 'hid' them (or tried) for 5 years! That leads me to now.

Things are actually a bit better than they were like what, I guess four days ago. I've calmed down considerably. I think whats getting me down MOST OF ALL is that I seem to be taking SO much and it doesn't really seem to be working (although compared the VERY beginning I know it REALLY is.

350mg Topamax
500mg Tegretol

And they're all low-dose pills so it seems like I'm swallowing hundreds a day (of course I'm not) and I'm cutting some of the Teg's in half (Teg 200's). It's so Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............Sorry sorry.

What would be really good to hear from a neurologist would be something like: "You know what, I can't even IMAGINE what it's like, but you are doing absolutely awesome. You hardly complain about the side affects, though I know you struggle through them every day. Eventually we will find something that works exactly how YOU NEED it to, and I won't stop until I get you to that point."