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I have something that sounds like what you are experiencing, but not as bad as it comes out my mouth. I have found that once this begins it takes me at least 30 day to calm it down and I have to be very careful and strict. I have been on PPI's for 8 yrs now. When I was first DX'ed it was because I had a burning in my esophagus and upset stomach. I was DX'ed with GERD but that isn't really the problem that part is MILD. This doc just started meds. When they ran out it all came back. Went to another doc, he said take Nexium every other day which I stated that I could not, had to take it daily. Now 8 yrs later the Nexium doesn't work well went to 3rd doc. He did an upper and lower GI and the upper found that I have a small Hiatal Hernia. I do experience regurgitating (when I lay down after eating), and PPI's do not work well for that he said. I never knew! I was told that there is another med that has lots of S/E's that I can try next then it is surgery to tighten the valve. Fun isn't it? I do not drink with meals (just a sip if necessary) and eat small amounts at a time or I have more severe problems. I have to elevate the bed and cannot drink much until an hour after eating my meal. I follow all the rules or if I don't I'm going to pay dearly. Kind of like a person that has gastric bypass. I have chest pain after drinking water too many times. I have to take it slower. It helps to eat foods that do not require a lot of digestion too. And...... I cannot say enough about diet for this problem, it makes a BIG difference. They have also changed my meds. to Zegerid. I had the test to see if the stomach is emptying properly and I think they said it was slow but fine. Good luck to you. Keep us posted and try not to worry it makes the problem worse. FLFLOWERGIRL:)