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Quote from auntjudyg:
I do it for a day or two now and then (I have GI track issues, so fasting is very helpful now and then and I like the Master Cleanser plan). Personally, I'm not big on the thought of doing it (or any fast) for 10 days unless someone has an epiphany that they ought to. One day is a good introduction, then decide where you go from there. Good eating plans really go a LONG way to keeping the system clean, IMHO; so I think short periodic fasts can do the job just fine.

I have GI track issues also, I just got put on Zelnorm by my gastronologist to help with constipation.

A few more questions for you:
1. With the drink did you notice any loss of weight?

2. Does it make you have diaharrea or do you just move your bowels better while on it? (the book also mentioned drinking the herbal laxative tea in am & pm while taking the drink)