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Big congrats on the LEEP results BeeLvr!!! Wooooo hoooooo

Liz: thanks for the info! I was just trying to figure out what to expect when I wake up from surgery. Sounds like there is a world of difference between an abdominal hysterectomy and a vaginal one. My doc says on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the worst pain imaginable, they will keep me between 2 and 4!!!! I CAN DO THAT! As for gas and constipation.....don't get me started! I have IBS, so I know all about being blocked up and the pain it causes. The doc has me on Zelnorm right now to keep things moving, then after surgery we will do a stool softener or prune juice. If I am not "moving" in say... a week I will request a laxative. Seriously, who needs the added discomfort of being backed up right after surgery. ICK!

Panik: Girlfriend, I am soooo ready for my surgery! My Xmas shopping is done, the lights are up, and I'll do the gift wrapping and shipping tomorrow! Bob is going to take a few days off from work and then my Mom is flying down after all...so I will be well taken care of...thanks for asking. Plus, I hired some extra Cabana boys! LOL Yes, my doc suspects endo and if she finds a lot of it on my right ovary it will have to go, but let's hope not. The car ride is 10 miles or a little less so it shouldn't be too bad. Nah, I haven't been at all emotional about this surgery. My biggest concerns have been: how will feel after? and, I hope I don't get too constipated! Now, I would be lying if I said I don't get a touch nervous from time to time, but not emotional. Probably because I am 38 and certain that I don't want anymore children, and the fact that I won't have periods anymore is quite welcome! I must admit, emotionally I am very READY for this...I could use the relief...10 years of horriffic periods is just too long, then this dysplasia fiasco.....yeah.....I am ready for the surgery! LOL

Panik: You should insist that yours be done vaginally or LAVH (laproscope). The recovery is MUCH quicker and the pain is significantly less than that of an abdominal one. Just ask poor Liz.

Y'all are the greatest and always in my prayers! I'll stop in before my surgery to chat and ofcourse will tell you all about it when it's over! :-)